Sadly, Parkpoom’s article turned out to be yet another misinformation post. There are a series of analytical false assumptions in this article that show a complete lack of understanding of how lifecycle assessments work and crucially, falls foul of the structural limitations of controlled trials.

Now,. I’ve covered the role…

There are a number of misinformation campaigns that make their way around the climate movement all the time. One of the biggest and most enduring is overpopulation. A deliberate attempt to convince white people in the global north that black people in the global south or the east are the…

Not in the slightest bit surprised.

"A company's culture is the worst behaviour its leadership is wiling to tolerate"

The BBC, even before Davie, was pretty terrible at upholding its own editorial guidelines. The Munchetty incident demonstrated that it was willing to cover up a mistake, no matter what the…

Open Question: Should we put a stop to these new consultants before doing immense, irreparable damage?

source: cottonbro

Climate change is probably the biggest threat of our time. We have already blown a number of chances to make good on this.

Yet, out of the woodwork emerges a number of different individuals touting answers, under the guise of “sustainability consultants”. Yet, as with many areas of life, many…

Raluca’s Confessions of a Remoaner published in Politically Speaking, reminds me of my time on the campaign. I stood at many a stall, analysed a lot of data, developed many bits of code and went on many a march. Which ended in political ugliness that ultimately let rip on the population.

Like Raluca, I spent 3 1/2 years campaign to stop Brexit. I made a lot of friends through that process. Raluca herself is one of the nicest people you’ll meet, amongst many nice people and I have to agree to the sense of community that it brought about was amazing.

I founded a new sustainable enterprise and my research shows the answer to that question is not as easy as it seems

Photo by bach hanzo from Pexels

In a shift away from plastics, many have turned to sustainable products as a plastics replacement. Most ditching all types of plastics, including recycled and bioplastic made from food waste like corn, in favour of products like Totes. Rightly assuming the single use, throwaway plastics are bad for the climate…

Wiley’s tweets show how bad distractions can get and it’s bad for campaigns of People of Colour

This week, our company brand account particpated in the 48 hour boycott of twitter. For us, this was a controversial decision and while this didn’t come with much surprise, or concern, for me personally, the reality is it did raise the question of why a person of colour, of Arab…

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