A Reason for Not Tolerating 70s Racism

Why is racism and hate crimes in the UK getting worse? Analysis of an answer

When you see people respond to this sort of question online, you are sometimes left wondering how much of a troll are they. Are these real or fake accounts putting enough of a voice into the noise to trigger the dangerous to be dangerous? Here’s one answer I looked at.

“The question is biased. Firstly, it’s it getting worse? Secondly, what is getting worse?

When I was a kid in the 70s, people in many parts of the country were not used to seeing black people. It was perfectly normal to stare at the strange looking black people and the odd way they had white palms, and funny hair.

Jokes about black people and how they were different to white people was common in school and while teachers wouldn't join in, they didn't moralise or tell the children to stop being racist.

Adults were just as racist and making monkey and jungle noises when you saw black people was accepted as being funny banter and not a hate crime.

Much of this changed over the last 40 years and is not acceptable in today's society.

So if we are saying racism or hate crime is getting worse, how is this being defined?

Secondly, the concept of a hate crime is very lax, and seems to be behaviour that upsets someone but isn't actually a crime. If it was, someone would be charged with a real crime.

My belief is that what we are seeing is people not being as flexible to the opinions of sjw and coming down on the side of reasonable behaviour. Examples being that they are complaining about double standards in issues of racism and this is what is being called hate crime.

Hopefully 2017 will see a return to a more balanced view.”

Total BS! Absolutely total BS! Claims to be a geek! A racist, a troll or an idiot! Should we read that as something other than a troll? Let’s see. My answer to the question below.

“The statistics are based on two causally related, one-way dependent variables.

Where a genuine rise in racism is experienced by the population that results in a crime, anxiety, distress, social disorder etc. Note, inciting racial hatred is a crime. This number is always higher, between 4 and 20 times higher, than the figures after….

This is the second part of the process. In order to understand whether there has to be an increase in racism, you have to ask people or more often than not, they have to report it.

Now, I am pretty sure even in our recent, pre-Brexit history that people have played the race card unjustly. Indeed, I've anecdotally seen it done before and slapped them down. However, that isn't as prolific as racism itself is. Even as late as the early naughties I've stepped in to stop racist abuse way more times than I have fake racism.

Almost every answer I have read on this topic in this thread talks about the damn 70s. As if that was some wonderful time in our history. The 70s was a time of a great depression. The oil crisis, which killed jobs and left people unemployed across the UK. It was a time when racism existed in abundance! Racism on shows like “Mind Your Language”, “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”, “In Sickness and In Health” and a host of many others broadcast even by the BBC, encouraged [and] indirectly led to physical attacks on minority children at the time, including myself. It’s the same time in our history which broadcast, encouraged and protected probably the UK’s biggest paedophile, Jimmy Saville.

The excuse that's often levied is

“we didn’t know back then”

“it was a different time”.

[I argue] They don’t know even now! You don’t know that time in English history even though they lived through it. Even though “your” communities, which you think some of “us” didn’t live in, were decimated by an elected Tory government, by Maggie who closed the mines despite the best efforts of Scargill, striking Miners and the unions.

Or perhaps maybe those who experienced racism

“should grow thicker skin”

Would they tell that to the girls and boys Saville sexually assaulted? If so, how did they know about it? If not, then they're just as big a set of paedophiles as Saville is.

They have no idea what racism and hate crime does to people and how it should not be tolerated because people are just as stupid as they are. That's the time these people want to go back to. A time which tolerated and encouraged the grooming of young children.

There is no excuse for it! If you think racism doesn’t exist, then you’re the sort of person who thoughts paedophilia didn’t exist in the 70s. If you think there is more reported than there actually is, despite that relative impossibility, then you’re just as racist as the racists are.

As much of a rapist as the rapists are.

As much of a paedophile as the paedophiles are.

That’s the person you are. Suck it up!”

This is what is meant in the saying “All evil needs to triumph is good folk to do nothing”. It doesn’t even need them to formulate an argument. Whilst those advocating for change or freedom of others from oppression need to convince the world and their mother. It’s why leaders are only one person. Yet, they stand on the shoulders of giants who went before them and perished in the struggle.

I’ll leave you to make your mind up!

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EA, Stats, Math & Code into a fizz of a biz or two. Founder: Automedi & Axelisys. Proud Manc. Citizen of the World. I’ve been busy

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