Advocating Surgery by Giving People Cancer

Mike’s article is agreeable, but misguided. Even showing them will still make them blame everyone else. Which leads to showing them more.

Make no mistake. I totally get Mike’s position. Also, I 100% advocate businesses and people taking the time to ensure they are both safe and able to manage their livelihoods after the event. That includes cutting the UK workforce, freezing UK recruitment in the UK and moving revenue streams out of the country. I don’t really care that someone may call this unpatriotic, or some other half South-African might claim the UK gave me, a Brit born and bred, opportunities I am “ungrateful” for. As this country gave me a “change” with roads paved with their view of cigarette tar as gold. Those folk didn’t matter before and matter even less now.

The problem with Mike’s position is it is short-sighted. Very short-sighted.

Taking the view that it has to happen does a number of things.

  1. It burns Remainers, the disabled, SMEs, the NHS and everything else. This includes people’s lives, not just jobs. Leavers, you can given them them bollocks that they want by making them unemployed or not buying their products or services. There! No paperwork. The disabled, especially those who, through no fault of their own, have faced discrimination and targeting by government policy, are hit badly through Brexit.

As we saw in the 1970’s, people blame what they like. They can’t make sense of a situation, so blame people for ‘superstitious’ reasons.

  • Irish

This won’t stop when leaving the EU. They will still be 100% confident their decision was correct. They will blame everything else but themselves and won’t want to change the position regardless. They’ll even blame Davis, May, BoJo etc. who are certainly full of blame, but that’s in a context where the outcome is bad. Mike is way too optimistic. I’m a numbers guy who’s played with several scenarios now, including the no-deals, the soft-Brexit and various flavours of the the UK’s “bespoke” FTA and none of them result in any benefit to the UK economy. Minford’s was a chronic joke! You couldn’t even make up his madness! That on top of Burrage’s inability to grasp the concepts he was talking about. Misdefining several concepts within the Civitas report.

Nationalistic Danger: No time to lose

The other aspect is that is crucial to this is the threat to UK society as whole. There are may checks and balances the US have that we don’t. Plus, per capita, the decision to leave the EU is way way bigger to the UK than Trump is to the USA. As long as democracy is maintained in the next 3 years, Trump can be out. With the UK and the EU, there is no going back from it. The damage has already been done and no amount of return later will restore the UK’s lost position. The money certainly isn’t in the Commonwealth.

The reality is the UK has politically stepped into the realms of genocide and war. The UK has got it’s fascist bingo card full house and it’s only a matter of time before they get to collect their winnings. Which is the destruction of the UK, every house, every neighbourhood, every community, every jobs. Just because things were better “During the war”.

Disinformation has taken hold. Fascism has taken hold and it’s boiling everyone. That is why people don’t care. It’ll creep up on them pretending to be their friend.

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Technically, we have 3 choices:

  1. Attempt to Stop it only — No backup plan. There’s a chance to stop it but if we can’t, we’re screwed

Time isn’t on our side. There is a clock and it’s ticking. They can either stop it in the face of the evidence at hand and have the debates that should have happened before the vote, now that we know the impact, or have it after the resulting genocide and war that is needed to remove the dictatorship of the future. History has taught us the answer to that, way too many times. That’s assuming they survive it at all.

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