Corollary of Ignorance

What to us, do these words mean?

As painters blend, and potteries glean,

The complex meld of man machine,

Our lives it saps, no time between.”

The bits that make this message so,

Are characters, but no stories flow,

Not as the tales, from pages go,

Cos books, do capture, knowledge so.

Transports us back, behind the screen,

Fly on a carpet, fight baddies mean,

Or rubbing. a lamp, and make it sheen,

So a Genie appears, 3 wishes seen.

We interact with places, in our mind’s eye,

And catch an elevator, to the sky,

And answer every question why?

That youngsters ask, in triple ply.

The written word, so must be kept,

To warm us, as our citizens slept,

In case a monster, words adept,

Takes advantage, and away we’re swept.

Without the knowledge, to see us through,

The risk we end up black and blue,

From conflict, lacking an objective few,

Who’s voice of reason, doesn’t echo you.

Sadly, history tells us about that end,

Where books were burned, and wounds not mend,

As ravages of evil, do intend,

To harm the others, without truth to spend.

So folly on, ye learned prose,

And hide these secrets, right under nose,

And please do share, said petty prose,

To empower the people, against the evil foes.

First scrawled on Facebook, BookCrossing.

Written by

EA, Stats, Math & Code into a fizz of a biz or two. Founder: Automedi & Axelisys. Proud Manc. Citizen of the World. I’ve been busy

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