Except that it doesn’t work.

Torture pushes people to extremes. Part of torture is the uncertainty. The fear that you are going to die. Human minds don’t handle that uncertainty well, which is the psychological portion of the torture that often does the damage. People will say anything, true or not, just it get it to stop. That’s one extreme.

However, repeated torture paradoxically also introduces certainty into the process. You will go through it and you will live. Or if you think you are going to die and you’re a die hard extremist, you will keep that information as a total and final show of defiance. This is the other extreme and what happened with Khalid Sheikh Muhammed (or KSM as he was abbreviated to in CIA reports).

According to reports from people there at the time “KSM” got to the stage of using his fingers to defiantly/arrogantly count down the seconds in each waterboarding instance in the waterboarding sessions he was subject to. He was basically laughing at interrogators. Amount of intelligence gained from all 183 instances? Zero

As stated and also found through hundreds and thousands of enquiries, cases and academic research into torture, false information is routinely given under torture just to get it to stop. This means the vast majority of information gained through torture, whether confessional or not, especially of trained soldiers, is completely false. It can’t be relied upon in a court of law. They’d have to change the legal system in the US first. Amount of reliable pieces of information gained? Zero.

Action on any information results in the expenditure of military and/or security resources. Hence, action on false information expends military and/or security resources falsely, but more importantly, can lead them into an ambush and also act as a decoy. Leading to the loss of life. Amount of progress made off the back of torture? Zero.

Torture is an international crime. Some could arguably position it as that simple. However, we’ve seen before how the USA pays lip service to international law in much the same way as Saudi Arabia and China do and even if it wasn’t, it yields nothing useful on a grand scale. If the person happens to die during the torture exercise, then you’ll never gain anything useful. They proverbially took it to the grave with them. Why are they wasting time in something that useless instead of going on to the battlefield and supporting their troops?

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