Good article. Without wanting to take anything away from the tragedy, as it’s people’s lives and security, like yourself, I use numbers to provide a sense of perspective.

Late last year, I created an interactive map of all 2014 terror attacks. I’ll be updating that later this year and introducing a longitudinal analysis tool but inherently, the central message is the same. Whilst parts of the world are very definitely getting much less safe, terror in western economies up until 2014 has generally maintained a depressed position over the last 30 years and in areas such as the UK, since 1995 (the good Friday agreement) have a terrorism rate that fell off a cliff. Making Britain one of the safest it has ever been.

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Numbers tell the whole story. It works well and keeps people grounded. However, again, I don’t want to minimise the amount of trauma people will feel. The events of recent months have been absolutely barbaric!

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