Hahaha!! aAAAh man! *headbutt desk*

Been a hard month? ;)

The greatest disappointment I’ve had with someone in recent years relates to the Brexit vote, for pretty much this reason.

I had good respect for that person. They were someone I got the impression stood up for what was right. Never had them down as a person who wouldn’t use a system to improve a situation or rather, prevent a bad situation from happening. Sadly, they proved me wrong and badly so.

The excuses?

“I’m not lending legitimacy to the system”

Fuck that shit! Brexit wasn’t about politics. It was about two things:

  1. Not letting the Brits be conned by a self-serving bunch of right-wing nut-jobs into attacking those who are different for illegitimate reasons.
  2. Preventing Britain from shooting itself in the foot, then hooting immigrants and the EU and then shooting themselves in the fucking face! To ensure the rights they have to change things are maintained and it isn’t damaging to the structures necessary for citizens to survive.

For me, there was a third one. I am allergic to stupid. Brexit was so fucking stupid, the people who voted for it are so fucking stupid, but crucially, the answer was so clear cut, that anyone not voting at all, especially out of “woke” reasons of privilege or even an ideology, was just as stupid, in exactly, the way, you state.

The effect was on real lives. Real systems. Across the board. Politics is a system that is broken, sure. Yet, to affect change isn’t going to happen through any constitutionally illegitimate parallel system. Even the alt-right in both countries understood this fact and most of them can’t tell the different between a cabbage and a carrot. They echo themselves into a feedback-frenzy behind floodgates, then open the door and let it all out by placing a candidate.

That disease infects friends and loved ones across the board, who are powerless to defend themselves against that tsunami of fake news, itself unchallenged by legislative blind-spots like social media.

The alt-right don’t want that system! In the UK they want to switch to Proportional Representation from a representative democracy, because it suits them and their numbers. But they still use it to effect the change they want and need. Not voting because you don’t want to lend legitimacy to the system when you cannot effect change through any other method, is stupid as fuck!

So to those “friends” who were short sighted enough not to vote, I say you got outdone by vegetative-illiterates.


Times have changed and that is now you!

EA, Stats, Math & Code into a fizz of a biz or two. Founder: Automedi & Axelisys. Proud Manc. Citizen of the World. I’ve been busy

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