I am one of those folk who is confident anyone who voted Leave is ignorant or xenophobic (since there is absolutely no logical way in hell anyone who had a good grasp of research could ever come to the conclusion Leaving would be good for us). Yet even I don’t believe that the majority of people who voted leave are xenophobes (even if it has unleashed the inner racist for many people). Ignorant, most definitely!

There are people who voted leave that inadvertently stabbed their close EU friends in the back, often forgetting those people are originally from countries within the EU. Ironically, this is complimentary in a way, as those people are so well integrated people don’t think of them as foreign or immigrant. However, passport wise, they’ll be scooped through the cattle run with the rest of ‘them’. Leave voting is still ignorance and is just as inexcusable as it’s a vote for division and segregation. That’s fine. They can also choose to give you your wish, Dear Leave voter. Since they don’t have to stay to help you clean up your mess.

“Rally round, let’s come together and make Britain Great again!” Which acknowledged the huge contribution immigration makes, whilst simultaneously voting the people they need to do this out of the UK, is not the way to be inclusive and welcoming enough to make it happen. As a mobile workforce, who were mobile enough to move here, they’re also mobile enough to go anywhere else. They built lives here and contributed in huge huge ways. Leavers shut their eyes to the NHS’s 60% reliance on foreign and especially EU workers, despite the fact 33% of them (and us) will see a GP, doctor or nurse in the next year. Immigrants are not a drain on society and never have been!

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Not that it matters much to the person who now feels totally excluded, unwelcome, feels more different now, and may have suffered the effects of exactly the loud majority Salim mentions here. This is ignoring the huge inconvenient fact that Leave believed a bunch of lies perpetrated by a bunch of political reprobates chasing after their own agenda (noting Ledsom’s own claims of being a “business leader” were shredded by a whistleblower in the last couple of days too) and in turn funded by those linked to the far right (Ledsom and Gove’s failure to return the £600k donated to their campaign from the BNP supporter seems to speak volumes to me, but is hardly covered, which doesn’t help those who are feeling that exclusion)… oh and that the experts were right. What a surprise!

I don’t think the UK will collapse. It’s recovery will be long and painful, with many false starts. I never thought we will get out of it unscathed. As a numbers guy, swapping the loss of £250 billion of actual UK funds since Brexit for the magic bean number of £18.2 billion (£350 million a week) when we are already down £1.6 trillion and more from the banking bailout after 2008, always seemed like a catastrophically stupid decision. Stupid on an unprecedented scale, I have to say. All commodities, the stuff folk need to dive into when economies drop or they are traded, are priced in dollars. The exchange rate of the pound against the dollar has plunged to £1.29 now. That is a 14% drop. The Euro to dollar dropped only 3% since Brexit. The Euro would suffer more? Those Leavers who are mathematically literate… actually, they only need be able to count… can see 14 is a bigger number than 3 which is bad if you’re going downwards. You’d have had to be insane to believe it, if you had the numbers and truly understood them. Our ability to dive into gold now to save our backsides like other countries did is severely limited, since every pound’s worth of gold price went up more than the dollar price did. Gordon Brown already raided the UK gold pot, selling off 58% of it more than a decade ago. There aren’t those reserves any more.

EA, Stats, Math & Code into a fizz of a biz or two. Founder: Automedi & Axelisys. Proud Manc. Citizen of the World. I’ve been busy

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