I can see where you’re going with this and yeah, I get it. However, there’s sending a message and then there is living with the consequences. May isn’t a one nation politician. She can’t make that work and her team are incompetent as hell, mainly because a good few of them have already proven it across two cabinets. I’ve said it before, but Brexit, which is really what this could all be about, isn’t “winnable” we will all lose and have. The question then becomes how does the UK go forward from a position in the cow pat pile and May isn’t the person to take us out of that, neither is Corbyn. Indeed, nobody can.

I won’t be voting Tory, nothing in this world can make me do that. I don’t hate folk who will vote Tory as much as I hate Leavers, which as you know, I have an exceptional amount of contempt for, since the damage Tories can do in 5 years is less than Leave did with that one single referendum vote. Lib Dems lost my vote in 2010. Labour, with Corbyn at the helm, and with what he’ll allow and doesn’t act upon, can’t get my vote either. So I’m reduced to either nobody or some minor party and none of them in any way align to all my concerns. So the consequence “for me” would be whatever the rest of the UK ends up getting. It’s a tactical voting position, but in reality, May has got this in the bag.

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