I definitely agree, though what we’ve seen happen to the more modern, cost-effective ways of working (read the introduction of an agile culture) is people talking about a civil service backlash against new methods. This leads to fractious culture, on both sides. By some accounts, the civil service makes promotion and reward difficult.

The recent alleged slow dismantling of GDS is precisely that. What the public sector seem to forget they suffer from is a huge resistance to change, which has let to some very high profile and key people leaving the civil service.

However, oddly this isn’t the same everywhere. There are some public bodies, namely a certain public service broadcaster, who are completely disparate in the way they think about software and systems engineering, though admittedly not without a false start or two in their history.

Fingers crossed they proverbially “wise up” but for the moment, they’ve got the problem of Brexit to deal with, which will suck away their time for the next few years. We won’t see much in the way of progress in this regard and Brexit won’t help, as it is UK gov that manifests the procurement process compliant with OJEU, not Europe.

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