I’m going to give you this statement, which I won’t offer a challenge for.

“As long as we praise celebrities, heroes, conglomerates etc, to such a degree (as after all “degree” is everything), we are slowing the rise of a better decentralized world.”

The rest of it? Again shows little understanding of how Google works. They did indeed work as smaller teams and even bought smaller teams and companies.

Google isn’t one great big, monolithic company like the Microsoft of the noughties. Like all big tech companies, they work with Lean teams and as such, they are in essence, federated smaller companies in one. After all, remember this guy?


How about G-mail, Google Docs or even their more experimental features within Boston Dynamics? Also, how about the myriad of OSS projects that were actually Google initiated? Google Fonts, Calendar API, and Angular JS! They run their public open DNS servers that power a large proportion of network bridges around the web.

The issue isn’t that Google doesn’t do what you say. It’s that you and others like you, don’t know about it. This isn’t a dig, as there are two parts to communication. The tree has to fall and someone has to hear it. Google is a “doing” company and as someone who comes from a city of exceptional do-ers, who are totally sh*t at marketing, I feel their pain. But I digress…

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EA, Stats, Math & Code into a fizz of a biz or two. Founder: Automedi & Axelisys. Proud Manc. Citizen of the World. I’ve been busy

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