I’m going to take a strategic issue with this one.

The reason is that protestations need voices of those being protested against to be heard by the intended target. The BLM movement is worth zero in Trump’s eyes. He has courted and appointed the “alt-right” and denigrated people to several layers of “human”, if they maintain a status of human at all. The responses of some of his protagonists have demoted muslims to a sub-human species, as if to infer that their non-human lives do not belong to human rights protection nor are they worthy of a voice. The same is true of anyone the alt-right and Trump are against. Like dogs, cats, or any animals, pure and simple, you cannot do it without them! It’s a disgusting state of affairs in the US at the moment.

Yes, 53% of white women voted for Trump. It’s too easy to fall into a habit of knee-jerking a backlash against all white women, as if reverse racism is a necessary and sufficient medium for change. It isn’t and doesn’t work. That isn’t what Rosa Parkes did.

I agree that Women’s March has pushed those really strange policies, granted. That said, they are (were) not the only group in attendance at the protests. Go with and for the others. It’s a no-brainer.

Protests happened in several cities around the UK and the far flung corners of the world. 2.5 million people around the world marched. They are just as fearful as many in America are, since the siding of their government with Donald Trump is both a proverbial sin and for some countries, like the UK in the wake of the Brexit vote, an act of total desperation. Since the UK is closing itself off from the biggest economic trading block in the world and is now lost at sea. It needs to cling on to the US and will sacrifice what it must to gain some traction on the ice it’s cast away on.

So to be honest, I won’t give “white women” a hard time. Some of them are absolutely doing the right thing and some of them will fight to the hilt. It won’t be life or death for them, I agree. Yet, his actions will affect every person in every state and every country by proxy.

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