In essence, we already have one to sort the wheat from the chaff. It’s math.

The issue we have is that math literacy can cut through data, even behavioural data, like nothing else. Psychology has turned into quite a good science off the back of the adoption of mathematical and statistical analysis techniques into it’s research and experimental design philosophy.

The problem in the UK and the USA have is mathematical literacy is chronically low in the general population, as compared with other countries in the developed world. This leads to a general inability to do exactly as you describe. Separate the wheat form the chaff.

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The lack of reasoned, healthy scepticism (the ability to question objectively) is a huge concern in the age of social, as information previously checked for accuracy and peer review, is simply propagated and echoed like dogma long enough to brainwash. Picking them apart takes a lot of time and energy.

When only one person in every 100 has the skill, there is a cognitive gap between them and everyone else. They are unlikely to have other smart friends and acquaintances in the volume of friends of “average” cognition. This lowers the viral coefficient of the information, making it less shareable. There is no way that individual can hope to “save” 100 folk by themselves. Their information simply cannot propagate as fast virally as 50 people believing the same thing who then propagate the same thing. Even 2 degrees propagates up to 2,500 people whilst the voice of reason hits 2 to 5, at best in the same time. That is the tsunami effect disinformation causes in a populous predisposed to the message’s they viscerally need to hear, whatever the cost.

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