Indeed. This was a risky move. The last election had UKIP come in with about 3 million votes or so. It was only the lack of proportional representation that saved us from having them as the third largest party in parliament. From a voting perspective, he had just come out of discussions with the EU having negotiated key topics about as far as he could without violating our EU terms of membership. As much as I despise the man, he pulled off what I can only describe as a coup with some key concessions. However, it was reported as him coming back with his tail between his legs and indeed, even I at the time bought it. It was only when Brexit campaigning started ramping up and I had to do my own research because of the sheer barrage of lies coming from the Leave camp, that I came across this truth by going straight to the minutes. So Leave’s lies started way before the Brexit campaigning process.

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