It’s Bigger than Anything We’ve Ever Known

It’s interesting reading Terijo’s article and its focus on the good old US of A. But its existence in the USA is just where the mole pops its head up. The underground networks stretch, stateless across the globe and Trump is just the big tip of a very big iceberg. But first, a prelude…

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Trump in Brexit Britain: Unwelcome, even by Leavers

Of course, Trump made his way to this side of the Atlantic this week. Saddiq Khan allowed the flying of the Trump baby balloon along the march route, led by several “babysitters”, in a group of some 200,000 marchers in London and several hundred thousand more across the country over the coming days.

Trump Alienation

On the whole, each individual disadvantaged group is relatively small. The problem is Trump has alienated and basically persecuted several groups:

  • “Muslim Ban” — Which wasn’t actually a muslim ban. Trump’s administration introduced a travel ban to stop citizens or refugees from 7 countries from arriving in the USA. Including people who had relatives dying and crucial attendance requirements.
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The 7 countries affected by Trump’s travel ban
  • HIV drug money repurposed
  • LGBTQ — in his head, not unrelated to the above
  • Mexicans
  • International Allies
  • Interfering in British affairs & judiciary — Tommy Robinson and promoting Britain First.

Picking on Children

The latest of these, the separation and incarceration of children of “illegal” migrants, has provoked a mass outcry across the world. It is something we don’t do here in the UK as it is a direct contravention of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Though we ourselves, have not been squeeky clean here. Britain took 14 years to become signatories and the USA still hasn’t signed it.

There are only two ways to stop people screaming. One is to satisfy as many people as you can. The second is to kill everyone.

The Salvatory Clauses

Now to the crux of Terijo’s piece. Standing up.

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