Man, I can certainly sympathise. Things here across the pond aren’t exactly much better.

Racism is up a steady 44% here in the UK. Attacks against Muslims and Mosques are up, with some places targeted multiple times.

The latest London terrorist attack was perpetrated by a far right radicalist. He rented a van and drove it over Muslims coming out of late night prayer at Finsbury Park in London, as revenge for the terrorist stabbings a couple of weeks earlier.

The reality is that Trump has succeeded in dehumanising Muslims. That was the worst thing that could happen. He was voted in despite his misogyny, out and out racism against a supremely decorated vet’s parents and this to be honest, tells you all you need it know. Not just about Trump, but also about American or British society. 50% of people will side with racists (and in the case of Brexit, shooting themselves in the face, because their foot wasn’t enough).

The far right are taking over social media piece by piece. There are large networks of several hundred thousand fake twitter accounts out there, which do little but engage in antagonistic action, with the aim of swinging opinion against the targeted flavour of the month (usually Muslims). It’s a propaganda scam on a colossal scale.

The current experience feels like I’m reliving the racism of the 1980s, but as an adult. I see exactly the same behaviours, where people are suckered in to defending the perpetrator of racism with no rational reason given and once they’re in that hole , they struggle to get out of it, whilst they scramble the walls trying to defend their answer which, conceded, is a threat to their identity. The judgment being saving their face is worth more than the security and defence of 3 million migrant lives of people, residents of the same country. Some patriotism, eh?

Trump is a laughing stock. Even some Brexiteers laugh at him. Yet, we are also a colossal laughing stock to the rest of the world. We have now bagged the stupidest man of Europe to go with the poor man accolade we once held in the ’70’s. All we need is the dead man and we have the hatrick and that’s just a matter of time. In the meantime, if we’re a laughing stock and Trump is our laughing stock, that just illustrates how bad Trump must look to the rest of the world. After all, in the 1960’s, JFK had Happy Birthday sung to him by Monroe. I’m not sure this is quite the same accolade.

“Yeah! #NailedIt”

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Man sucks so bad, in every sense of the word.

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