Now, by comparison to your other article on:

“If You Want to Be Successful, Learn How to Steal” @cammipham

…Which I didn’t have anything complementary to say about, this is a great post. Spot on in pretty much every sense.

People don’t appreciate help. In addition, some organisations see it as an excuse to walk all over you. Forget it! It’s only a rare few that appreciate all the free help they get.

As you say, helping when you’re not ‘qualified’ or don’t have the time, violates one of the two key reasons people would ever want help. Capability, augmenting their offering with skills you have that they don’t and Capacity, augmenting their offering with your time or ‘hands’ doing things they can do, but don’t have enough people.

More like these, not like the other one.

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EA, Stats, Math & Code into a fizz of a biz or two. Founder: Automedi & Axelisys. Proud Manc. Citizen of the World. I’ve been busy

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