OK. So a couple of things here.

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Can you please please learn how to use numbers? The fact you don’t know how commas work as thousand seperators demonstrates precisely why we are in the mess we are. As a generally innumerate populace, voters couldn’t tell Brexit fact from fiction precisely because they did not have the knowledge of anything in the UK system, nor have the problem solving or analytical skills to be able to calculate or otherwise figure things out. Only one subject gives you an unparalleled understanding of it, and it’s maths!

Furthermore, you haven’t provided solid reasoning nor as much proof as you could really do with. Some of the article is tantamount to nothing but a denial.

This innumeracy is extremely typical of political campaigners, because they generally can’t get a job doing anything else.


OK, now that’s over, let’s look at the merits.

The BBC conducted a piece of research on the fake news that Swinson has been subject to.

The BBC investigated one specific Fake News story and tracked it down to an alleged Italian living in Wales. Chances are the same chap runs the Facebook group as well.

The sites that spread that fake news include:

  • Leave.EU (Tory+Brexit Party)
  • Nye Bevan News (Labour)
  • Unity News Network (UKIP)

Leave.EU and UKIP know that Labour will work in their favour as long as they paint Swinson (or anyone else) as a Tory. This is why Labour voters will do the work of Tories for them, against their best interests. They can easily be conned into supporting Tory policy, as long as nobody tells them it’s Tory policy, or these days, a fake but trustworthy Labour account puts out that fake news.

Corbyn doesn’t engage in dealing with it. Thereby fully accepting it. The same was true in his delayed reaction to the anti-semitism scandal. He has been badly smeared himself, but the fact he won’t hold the smearers to account mean they can get away with it.


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