Regardless of political change, which is the one thing I find most disinteresting about all of the above identified events in our history, most of those changes of heart come far far too late.

  1. WMD was never found in Iraq. It led to the loss of a million Iraqi lives since and over 179 British army troops and the eventual rise of ISIS. For them and their families, that change of heart comes too late. We should not have gone into Iraq…
  2. However, they came at a time which was just too early for the Arab spring. Solving the Syria problem, which bled in from Iraq and civil war, amongst other channels, required military action. The public said ‘No’ because of Iraq so Cameron didn’t go in. Allowing the strengthening of ISIS positions. By the time our ‘public’ took notice, it was too late for tens of thousands more Iraqis, tens of thousands more Syrians and various terrorist atrocities around the world, including the UK. We should have gone in to Syria. These two events are temporarily and causally related, regardless of what we think about democracy*

Democracy has a very specific definition. It is why UN observers exist in the first place. To monitor democratic elections. To uphold the necessary articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that make free and fair elections possible, albeit that they have to be invited to observe. No invite means that corruption can happen at any point.

Without free and fair elections, a democracy is simply a sham for all practical purposes. You won’t find anyone who now believes that Iraqi elections during Saddam’s time were free and fair. But they slapped a meaningless label of democracy on it and exclaimed the 99% electoral victories to be valid.

*if one votes for a position, they have to then accept responsibility and accountability for that position. Together with whatever blood they then have on their hands, whatever racism, neglect and violence that then ensues. This is what Brexiteers need to accept. It is their responsibility to denounce all the xenophobia, to fill the jobs that now can’t be filled or have been vacated, to pay the financial price for the economic cost of goods and the costs of any future trade tarrifs. That is part of being a responsible citizen and of Andrea Ledsom wants it, a ‘patriot’.

The reality is the vast majority of Brexiteers and Brexit voters seem to deny those facts as if attempting to deny gravity exists.

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Politics, especially of the type we have in the UK, only exists because of chronic incompetence somewhere in the system. Whether that’s an innumerate or gullible population, malice, underlying xenophobia or racism or whatever else. Such a population gets the democracy it deserves. Statistics doesn’t really care in its role as a description tool in this regard and expert opinion, including the evidence bases, aren’t cared for by the population. This means their ability to make rational decisions is severely impaired by both their inability access data and their inability to understand it when they do. Since far-right, somewhat fascist and racist groups need stupidity to infect, as a conduit, as shown to great effect in the UK and USA, but was possibly caught by Kenya recently, politic ls provides fertile ground for mass disinformation and audience shaping.

Between the countries, the question is what’s the link? An itch that perhaps needs scratching.

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EA, Stats, Math & Code into a fizz of a biz or two. Founder: Automedi & Axelisys. Proud Manc. Citizen of the World. I’ve been busy

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