Right! The odd thing is that we have our very own right wing crazies here in the U.K., and many if not most of them, think Trump is a first class arsehole!

What is worse, is that the Brexit vote for us, was taken with the mass populous not understanding a damn thing about Europe, nor about what we are losing as we exit it. The promises of £350 million a week, which of course, were false (we never paid that much into the EU nor did the EU keep surplus cash. That money is paid to us as the rebate for the next year. Total balance at perpetuity? Zero) and some Leavers even admit they’re false, but were subsequently also accompanied by a 90% drop in nurse application numbers from the EU, as well as a 90% drop in U.K. applications due to the loss of nursing bursaries, which hits training inflow, as well as a significantly higher egress rate of nurses, who are now leaving, which has seen net migration fall by almost a third. Which has literally just finished off the NHS. We may sound great, but we as a population are as mathematically illiterate as the USA, if not more-so.

Furthermore, Theresa May’s cabinet have started EU negotiations by alienating every European member state. Great stuff! With the odds nearly 100% against us, we sit in the coffin and nail it shut ourselves. So the UK has got itself into a Royal mess, where we’ve shut off trade, increased the price of goods by 14%, raw materials by 30% (you still get colossal idiots who state that this is due to the drop in the value of the pound… Yo! Why did the pound drop? We voted to leave numb-nuts!), lost or are losing 140,000 key nursing staff, subjected ourselves to a “bad deal” (no deal is a bad deal), with companies leaving or freezing recruitment the UK etc. and crucially, with the vast majority of business wholly dependent on imports (our trade gap is bigger per capita than the USA) we are not self-sufficient enough to continue without incoming foreign investment. So the counter to that is we have to suck up to someone! Anyone! We tried India,which is fast catching up to us. They told us to get lost unless they have these conditions (most folk don’t realise their economy is close to the size of ours, just with lots more people – so the per capita rate is a lot lower).

Hence, the “hand-holding” incident a couple of weeks later.

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Which all happens in a context where more recent secret information shared by Greater Manchester Police with the US intelligence services somehow gets leaked to the NY Times. Which has led GMP to cease sharing information with US authorities.

*pauses and sips his tea*

The thing I worry about for these kids in Bath and indeed, any child or even adult with elderly parents today, is that Theresa May is now placing the burden for adult social care squarely on the shoulders of the elderly with immediate effect. Her policy of only ring-fencing £100,000 is somewhat of a mixed blessing allegedly, though I’ve not got round to crunching those numbers yet, but I don’t think so. Those currently contributing over the £23,000 threshold will now not have to contribute until their total estate value is more than £100,000. However. What most folk don’t realise is the amount of money involved and the new reassessment criteria.

Almost every property in the U.K. Is valued at over £100,000. Every one of them, often the inheritance for the children, will go into paying for adult social care and will do so indiscriminately. Care will be priced to account for those that can (increased numbers) and can’t (increased numbers). So more people will pay and we will continue to get an ageing population. But with more folk falling under the threshold, more people will need free care and that will be priced into the costs for those that can. In essence, those that can pay for those that can’t. Which risks gaming. Sell your stuff before you get old, to gift to your kids immediately, then take care with a pot of £99,999 sitting in your bank account. This also creates a step change in the costs of care. Something the UK populace has not had time to prepare, has been slapped hard by both the pension collapse of the financial crisis then the immediate drop in the value of some pensions due to the drop in the pound on Brexit.

It’ll leave the next generation with absolutely nothing. A hand to mouth existence. That is what I fear for the kids of today.

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