The ISIS Brides from Nowhere

Ramifications for EU citizens are stark!


The Law

  1. The Universal Declaration of Human Right (1948) — providing the foundations for stateless citizens right in 1954 and the Reduction of Statelessness Legislation of 1961
  2. The European Convention on Human Rights (1950)
  3. The UK’s Human Rights Act 1998
  4. The British Nationality Act 1981 (which references or repeals various Immigration Acts of ’62, ’67 and ‘71)
Article 15(1) which is the section Sajid Javid clearly violated

What about the terrorism?

  • the person was naturalised
  • they had not renounced their Vietnamese citizenship
  • Vietnam began accepting “second citizenships” in 2008. 7 years before the case.

Pham v Begum — A Completely Different Case

  1. There is no naturalised citizenship to revoke — you are revoking a birth citizenship
  2. Bangladesh had never recognised Begum as a citizen of theirs
  3. Bangladesh introduced a number of restrictions in 2016 which mean that even dual citizens, are second class
Bangladeshi route to citizenship — Shamima Begum was never registered in a Bangladeshi mission within 2 years. So is categorically not a Bangladeshi citizen.

Won’t Somebody think of the Children

British Nationality Act 1981 Sections 1 and 2

Personal Commentary



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