There is the protest vote, which is one thing, and then there is what happened in the UK. A protest vote only has a few years to live before it is possible to change the outcome. On 23rd June 2016 the UK shot itself in the foot by sacrificing migrants, its currency, its economy, human rights, one murdered MP and civil liberties for the sake of a protest vote. Brexit caused a storm, as expected, but for me, it showed me a side to UK society I thought died 30 years ago. The racists came out in their droves!

The protest vote pitted neighbour against neighbour. Facts went out of the window, as people seemed to conveniently forget or be completely oblivious to the effects of the global financial crisis, which led to an astronomical rise in the creation and use of foodbanks, put over 1 million UK citizens onto unemployment benefit (welfare), forced hundreds of thousands of disabled people into humiliating Work Capability Assessments which aimed to save billions, but in reality costs 60% more than it aimed to save, forced the closure of dozens and dozens of libraries around the country. The whole escapade led to austerity measures which included bailing out the banks to the tune of £1.6 Trillion. That is 72% of the UK’s entire UK, but crucially meant the handover of £37,000 tax money for every single man, woman and child in the country. More than anywhere in the world, including the USA where the meltdown started with the collapse of both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s. Given children don’t pay taxes, it’s in effect a £100,000 payment for every working age person. Just think about that for a second. How long would it have taken you to pay in£100,000 in taxes as an individual?

It was bad enough that people had this crisis inflicted upon them. To still be suffering the effects of that event and then shoot themselves in the foot, is the biggest own goal one could have scored on themselves. The dumbest goalie fumble. They did this after listening to lie after lie after lie, believing those lies, even when the evidence was presented to them by the very people who know what happens. Siding with the small number of scum in society. The pattern is exactly the same as that which preceded the Nazi uprising, in turn leading to the start of WW2. The parallels are striking, except for one thing. The percentage of people who voted for Brexit was higher than were polled about the fabricated negative impact of Jews during the 1930s. Now, as was then, we’ve chosen to follow that nationalistic path and assume the outcome will be different this time.

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What has this got to do with the protest vote? The reality is the Brexit vote wasn’t a vote for a party. It was a vote on a near irreversible decision on the future of the UK but crucially the only subject that was unimportant was politics. Politicians as a cohort know nothing about economics, civil liberties, human rights, or even law. They are a mongrel bunch of I don’t know whats. Resistant to change and many times corrupt. If you want to protest, fine, protest. Get off your ar*e and join the hundreds of thousands that do it every day. Don’t side with xenophobic ideology, burning the people who provide your healthcare, your produce, your business and in may instances, if not most, your wages! How stupid are you if you don’t understand the consequences of your actions? Now consider how much more stupid you are for not understanding the even bigger consequences on yourself, your brothers and sisters, friends and neighbours. Very often the people you are actually protesting for.

I’ll leave that as an open question.

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