This is an interesting one. The issue isn’t that we are all racist, which I’d argue isn’t true. Racism, the kind that makes decisions for or against, or impact an individual or group disproportionately to others, isn’t an innate factor of human nature. It is the result of a cognitive augmentation overlaid atop a natural propensity for humans to “pattern match”.

The reason I say this is that babies of 9 months old have been found to be able to tell the difference between a white person and a black person. Indeed, this “ability” is evident from 3 months old.

However, what parallels this is that children brought up in ethnic minority households have exactly the same response to “white people” as white babies to black. Indeed, depending on the exposure to adults and children of other races, it’s races they do not experience regularly. This usually means it’s their own parentage versus every other race.

The problem that occurs is the cognitive attribution to realise some form of cognitive consonance, something that helps bring the mental model fo the world back into order. Babies, as they grow into children, teenagers and adults, are a product of their environment. Where parents move to associate black america with negative connotations for society, the mental model of that difference will move further from the host, the child. Creating that gap between the mental model of the world and the “other” and perhaps more pertinently, the truth.

The issue isn’t the ability to acknowledge a difference. Spotting differences we evolved to do. It’s the ability to explain it.

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