This is one of the sh***est posts I’ve ever seen!

I don’t mind companies playing in a competitive world with a level playing field and concentrating on improving themselves. However, the one thing I abhor is pushing people down towards a fire just to save your own waste of skin.

As someone who’s knowledge has been stolen a lot, often by dishonesty, the ramifications are way beyond your sorry ar*e life. I’ve learned the hard way that dishonesty costs you way more than the knowledge you lose, the money you would have made with good clients isn’t there, future work is stolen by incompetent tw*ts, who then ruin your work because they don’t understand it, making it impossible to sell your knowledge in that arena. All because of dishonesty.

We recently had a client steal knowledge (in that we gave them it under a signed contract, which they then took an ran away with). We managed to get a court judgement against them, which of course they’ve hired an incompetent solicitor to try to get struck off without a hearing, which is illegal.

We also found out they have previous for this. We published the results across social media online, which is an unprecedented step, so dig them out if you’re interested, but given they have judgements and don’t care, it’s worth bringing that to people’s attention.

All you’re advocating is the breakdown of tcommunity and ethics. Two things absolutely necessary for a sustainable society. We have saw a sustained increase in the number of students who post their university assignments on sites like ELance, or PeoplePerHour so that freelancers can do their assignments for them to pass their exams, which in turn results in a horrifically incompetent workforce.

I don’t even like the language you present here. Perhaps you also have previous for plagiarism and perhaps a history of court judgements against you and perhaps misrepresentation and fraud. If you want to steal and are advocating stealing, I think people should also dig around into your personal and professional life to ‘steal' information relevant to their hiring, business or reading decisions, as information is everywhere!

You riled this o

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EA, Stats, Math & Code into a fizz of a biz or two. Founder: Automedi & Axelisys. Proud Manc. Citizen of the World. I’ve been busy

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