UK Anti-Semitism and Wiley Intersectionality

Tom Hurndall was killed by a soldier of the Israeli Defence Force. That soldier, Taysir Hayb, was later jailed for 8 years for manslaughter and obstruction of justice. The UK enquiry into Tom’s death returned a verdict of unlawful killing.

Point 1: The Israeli Government and Jews around the world are not the same!

Jews are also as diverse as everyone else is

The ultra orthodoc Neturei Karta protesting against Zionism and the Israeli State (left) & calling for Palastinian soverignty in Canada’s “Palestine Day” (right)

Point 2: Persecution, in all its forms, is wrong. Especially unchecked

Point 3: The Far-Right are Pulling those Strings

Point 4: Never Conflate Nationality, Religion and Ethnicity

Eleanor Roosevelt with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (english language version)
  1. Amendments to the Indian Citizenship Act by the Indian Government — this explicitly prevents certain Muslim assylum seekers seeking refuge after 2014, from obtaining Indian citizenship. This does not apply to any other group of people. While the Constitutional Amendment Bill is couched in the language of assylum, it should have provided refuge for persecuted Muslims, such as the Ahmadi (Pakistan) or Rohingya (Myanmar) perseecuted minorities. but it has not.
  2. The recent Israeli Government’s move to make citizenship dependent on follower of Judaism, means some marriages are delegitimised. Since reversion to Judaism is a condition for most and the Israeli Government’s move would strip citizenship and nationality rights from both Jews and non-jewish Israelis, like Israeli-Arab groups above.




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