Well, the decision you came to about being ‘complicit’ in the propagation of racism is possible and tbh, I think this is certainly something that leads to other types of racism being tolerated and also a greater willingness to accept racism in a society. However, your situation is never as clear cut as that for several reasons.

Not acting against racism at that point in time isn’t necessarily racist nor complicit, as long as action is taken. You’ve done that by writing it up and I’d say spread the message far and wide. Also, I say that even as a person who does take very direct action against racism. In the light of the EU referendum in the UK, it was precisely that complicity and willingness for 52% of the UK voting public to not just tolerate but also side with racism to vote for what it turned out to be (and what was also totally predicted by economists and pretty much everyone else) a series of lies by the Leave campaign. Not only that, but a far right donor supplied the Leave campaign with £600,000 to fund their operations. That is a dangerous level of complicit. Leave voters kept quiet in the face of criticism about their racial agenda, or more often, denigrating anyone taking direct action or taking a stand against racism.

In the UK racism has always existed. Furthermore, as long as people don’t act against a protected characteristic, like race, or more specifically act racist based on the colour of one’s skin, then people can say what they like. The level of irrationality is unbelievable. The campaign caused a level of mass hysteria not seen even during the period before Hitler’s election in the 1930’s. Indeed, the attitude towards migrants is significantly worse than Hitler’s inspired view of Jews back then.

The ugly truth is that human beings are in the main, “stoopid as f**k”. They sleep walk into a position of mob hate against specific people who look and act differently to them. Hitler’s Germany was in the midst of a depression after WWI and it led to them blaming the Jews for the ills of the country, just like Leavers in the EU referendum blamed [EU] immigrants for the ills of the UK, when there was absolutely nothing of the sort. Indeed, it is exactly the opposite. We in the UK must get it into our thick heads that as a cohort, we are not immune from creating the very evil that we fought back in 1939. Indeed, the pattern’s parallels are astounding!

Declaration: If you’re interested in that data, I collated it for a medium article I wrote here.

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