Yep. However, lets be very clear. People who voted leave fell into two camps. Those who were so ignorant of the facts that they responded without rationality, choosing to bet the house on the roll of a dice to get a 7 (dice only have 6 sides) and those who were racists. The split wasn’t 50:50 since I’m yet to be convinced that half of the 17 million who voted to leave are racists, but I can easily believe that 17 million were ignorant. Indeed, statistically, you’d expect that almost by chance. ie give it to a bunch of monkeys or flip a coin just she of 34 million times and you’d get about the same result.

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EA, Stats, Math & Code into a fizz of a biz or two. Founder: Automedi & Axelisys. Proud Manc. Citizen of the World. I’ve been busy

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